Dear visitors,


I have the pleasure to address you at the occasion of the next edition of the One World film festival. So as last year, also this year we are proud that all the festival sites and screens are located in the Old town of Bratislava. This year´s theme of the festival – World in Motion and Civil Activism - isn´t connected with the sites of the festival only symbolically.


The cinema Mladosť was a witness of the Candle manifestation in 1988 and the cultural center KC Dunaj offers a good view of a square where we have called for a change of regime more than 20 years ago – without knowing how it´s going to end – if the full-armend People´s Militias wouldn´t intervene or if the Public Security wouldn´t pack us in their „Black Marias“. It is worth not to forget. We came out to the streets in the name of values that created a base for our statehood, of values that were approved throughout the past century as crucial for a prosperous society and for a good quality of life of citizens.


When a wave of protests had spread throughout the Arab world, we understood it as a revolt against the dictatorship, as a will to take the responsibility for the public affairs in the hands of the citizens. The onward events from this part of the world though have raised probably more questions than asnwers for us – people from western democracies. Is such movement always a step forward?


In the same time, seemingy from the source of the same energy, also the squares in USA, Greece and even in Slovakia have moved. Were or weren´t their actors clear about against what and for what they have come out from their homes to stand against represions of the state power? Were they lead by authentical fear for their freedom or existence, was a general frustration their motivation, or perhaps even an ambition to make oneself visible? These are the questions we ask sometime between our dinner and dishwashing, when for a couple of minutes we see some demonstration on TV. We can´t and we don´t have to put ourselves in the shoes and in the way of thinking of those, who we see on the screens, but we know one thing for sure: they managed to address masses and together they signal, that something in our warm system isn´t alright. What could be the change that would answer their calling?


I believe that the 13th edition of the International documentary film festival One World – World in Motion can move us a step forward in search for answers to these questions.


Táňa Rosová


Mayor of Bratislava Old Town