Victoria Massingue, Mariana Tembe, Vasco Covane (Body and Soul film protagonists from Mozambik)

Victoria is a 32-year-old university student, Mariana is 24 and studies at a high school and Vasco works as a shoemaker. All three of them live in the capital Maputo and they are also connected as protagonists of the documentary film Body and Soul. The shooting of the film was a unique experience for them, an opportunity to get to know themselves better and to show the others joy and worries of their lives.



Vital Ryžkou (Belarusian poet, protagonist of film The navel of the sky)

Vital Ryzhkou was born in 1986 and he lives in Minsk. He works as an interpreter from Ukrainian, English, Georgian, Lithuaninan and other languages. In 2010 he released a collection of poems „Locked door“, for which he was awarded with prestigious Maxim Bogdanovich prize for lieterary debut. Even before, in 2007, he was awarded with belarusian PEN-center prize for young authors. Nowadays he belongs among eminent Belarusian poetry personalities.



Julia Tarip (human rights activist from Burma)

Julia studied English at the Lashio University in Burma, now she lives in Thailand. Since 2003 she works for Kachin Women Association Thailand (KWAT), where she serves as a coordinator of Anti-Traficking Program and Team Leader for Advocacy.


Zaw Ban (human rights activist from Burma)

Zaw Ban studied economy and theology in Burma. Since 2004 he has worked in the field of education of youngsters, now he is a general secretary of Development New Wave in Yangoon, an organization that deals with non-formal education.



Keith Jones (director of the film Punk in Africa)

A US native, the music documentary maker now splits his time between Prague – where he served in the mid-2000s as program director for the now-defunct Music on Film, Film on Music (MOFFOM), one of the first festivals dedicated to music films – and southern Africa, the locus of his latest feature, Punk in Africa, which he co-directed with Southafrican journalist Deon Mass.


Jampa Tashi (Tibetian refugee)

Jampa (28) comes from a small town Ganzi in Tibetian province of Kham. As a 13-years-old he entered a local monastery, which he was forced to leave 6 years later by chinese police. In March 2010 he attended a demonstration for a free Tibet and the very next day he had to leave the country and his family for the reasons of his personal safety. Jampa has become first Tibetian asylum seeker in Slovakia.  


Sonam Wangda (Tibetian refugee)

Sonam comes from a Tibetian province of Kham, where he worked all his life at family fields and picked herbs. In 2010 he attended a demonstration for a free Tibet, after that he had to flee the country. He asked for an asyl in Slovakia, where he lives now.


Milan Smrž  (development aid expert, Czech republic)

Milan Smrž is one of the protagonists of the film Solar Eclipse. He is an expert on renewable and democratic energetics, as well as on development cooperation. He serves as a vicechairman of european association Eurosolar.


Ben Fredj Nozha (human rights activist from Tunisia)

Ben Fredj Nozha is an activist and member of Reseau Tunisien de la Justice Transfitionelle (Tunisian Network for transitional Justice) and the International Association for Support of Political Prisoners.


Mtiri Hajer (independent journalist from Tunisia)

Mtiri Hajer is a student of journalism and works as an independent journalist in Tunisia. She is active in the area of human rights and transitional justice.


Matthieu Bron (director of the film Body and Soul)

The director of the film Body nad Soul is an independent film producer. He was born in France, in 1998 through 2011 he lived in Mozambique. He is a founder of video producing company MEETING. Body and Soul is his first charakter documentary. He has worked on its production, together with his team, for three years.


Radim Procházka (director of the film The Navel of the Sky, Czech republic)

Studied documentary filmmaking at FAMU under Prof. Karel Vachek. Producer of director Robert Sedáček’s feature debut, Pravidla lži (Rules of Lies) (2006), which won, among others, the 2006 Critic’s Prize and Czech Lion for screenplay. He is the co-author of Sedlacek’s trilogy of feature-length documentariesTenkrát (Then) (1999 – 2002), which tells the story of czech modern history.  Director of films: Desk-based Assassination (2007), Drnovické catenaccio (2010), The navel of the sky (2012).