14th One World Film Festival Slovakia

We are changing the world – this is the main theme of the 14th One World Film Festival. Throughout the world - and also in Slovakia -, civil activism is on the rise. It is as if we have finally understood that-governments will not solve our problems for us, and that if there is something we don't like, we just have to change it ourselves. So far, it has been mainly local initiatives that have been successful, but these are just the initial steps on the road to change society as a whole.

There are Green Watches in many Slovak cities. People have had enough of seeing the accumulation of garbage on their streets and the excess of billboard advertising in their towns, so they have begun the process of  cleaning up their own neighbourhoods. Many people now understand that public places and old buildings cannot be renovated without a civil initiative. Examples of such initiatives include the New Synagogue in Žilina, Kamenné námestie in Bratislava, and the historic Old Market on SNP Square in Bratislava, which thanks to the efforts of activists is now a location for markets and the staging of events. Activists make themselves visible in various ways – including through blogs, creating community gardens, and building new cycle paths - and their results inspire others.

At the One Word Festival we will screen films and hold debates with interesting guests, showing many ways of civil bravery and activism in countries where it takes a lot more courage than it does in Slovakia to be an activist. We will introduce bloggers living in countries with authoritarian regimes who are dedicated to civil journalism, as well as “Anonymous hacktivists”, who make their protests online in their own, non-traditional way. And have you heard of the Slowfood? It combines the benefits of a healthy food with a commitment to support home food producers. And of course, we will have eco-activists, minority rights campaigners and civil liberties activists who have been well represented at the One World Film Festival for several years, as well as films portraying their efforts for a better, fairer world. This year, the European Year of Citizens, they will have a greater representation than ever before.

The One World festival will take place in Bratislava between November 21 and 26, 2013. 

In addition to Bratislava, after the festival in Bratislava is over, viewers will have the opportunity to watch selected films until April 2014 in more than 20 other cities across Slovakia – within the One World in Regions screenings.

The One World festival is the only cultural and educational event in Slovakia that deals with human rights and global issues in a complex manner. Annually, it presents around 60 documentary films of mainly foreign production, more then a dozen of discussions on current issues, photographic exhibitions and concerts.