Solar Mamas

Rafea: Solar Mama

Saturday, November 23, 2013 - 17:00
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Jehane Noujaim, Mona Eldaief / USA, Denmark, UK / 2012 / 75 min.

Rafea, a mother of four, lives with her husband in a shabby tent in a remote Jordanian village. The couple’s favourite activity is lying on a rug. Rafea, who has always wanted more out of life, is forced to run the dingy household. When the opportunity arises to go to India for several months to learn how to assemble and install solar panels with a group of other women from around the world, she jumps at it … until she asks for her husband’s consent – he doesn’t want to allow her to study abroad. The film follows Rafea and other women on an inspiring but difficult journey toward a situation in which their skills are used for something other than cooking, doing laundry and looking after children. They have to fight prejudice, the traditions of patriarchal society, the incomprehension of those around them and malice. They also have to deal with perceptions of their roles as mothers, including when they leave their children behind to advance their own personal development. The film is part of the international project Why Poverty?, aimed at fostering debate about various forms of poverty around the world.

Thematic Category: Why poverty?

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