15th One World Film Festival Slovakia


This year it's been 25 years since the Velvet Revolution in '89.


We live in a free society. Maybe it’s not as free as we would like it to be, but we do have options to change it. Those who strived for change before 1989, were persecuted. Freedom is not for free, it is necessary to do something in order to achieve it. Express ourselves. Sign a petition. Discuss issues. Try to search for improvements and be active! We can all take steps to make our personal lives better. Choose a job that will be a mission, buy only what you need, be considerate to nature.


Everything could have been different in Slovakia if there were no students in November '89. Residents of many countries in the world today do not have the options that we have. Their lives are also topics in this year’s festival. You have The right to know the challenges of people's everyday lives, for example, in Sudan, Rwanda, Tibet, Cuba ... Section Women's Worlds brings an insight to the efforts of women for a better life. Stop Extremism section highlights the increasingly topical issue in Slovak society. In the Online world, we are free to express ourselves or activate others. On the other hand, modern technology and the state of being online at every moment make us unfree. Nowadays, many people are looking for alternative lifestyles and some of these are presented in the sections Different Lifestyles and Project Wild Thing. Be inspired by tips on how to get kids climb the trees, or why to live in the middle of London in an ecovillage. There will be also Slovak documentaries and a section for Kids presented in the festival.


The One World Film Festival is the only cultural and educational event in Slovakia, which comprehensively addresses the human rights and global issues. Every year we present around 60 documentaries, more than a dozen debates on current topics, photographic exhibitions and concerts.