Green Desert

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Michal Gálik / Czech Republic, Slovakia / 2012 / 60 min. / in Czech lang.

An average European person has never been so responsible for the devastation of tropical rainforests as it is today. What is the cause and how can we prevent it? The answer is provided in a documentary film by Michal Gálik that takes us to the other end of the planet, to the tropical island of Borneo. The film reveals startling secrets behind the now widely used commodity - palm oil. Borneo has always been a symbol of rich unexplored nature. Today, however, the islands rainforests are disappearing at an increasing rate, which is also a big threat for our close relative - the orangutan. The world is not so big anymore that we can ignore what is happening on the other side of the globe.



Thematic Category: Project Wild Thing

Michal Gálik