Layla's Melody

Laylas Melodi

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Jens Pedersen, Taj Mohammad Bakhtari / Afghanistan, Denmark / 2013 / 16 min. / in Czech lang.

Layla lost her father in the war when she was just six years old. Her mother was unable to take care of all the children, so Layla was sent to an orphanage in Kabul. She misses her family terribly but at the orphanage she has found a new home. At school she can attend music classes, which she loves. But the Taliban have prohibited women from playing and listening to music. After five years of separation, Layla finally hears from her mother but she anticipates her visit with great trepidation. She's afraid the family will take her back home, marry her off and prevent her from continuing her education.

Thematic Category: One World for Kids

Anne Marie Kürstein
Dansk Tegnefilm 2 APS
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