The Man Who Plants Trees

Muž, který sází stromy

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Michal Gálik / Czech Republic, Slovakia / 2013 / 50 min. / in Czech lang.

Many people think that the story about a man who planted trees is fictional. In reality, this man really exists; his name is Ernest Vunan and he lives in misty mountains in the heart of Africa. This film by Michal Gálik will introduce you the inspirational story about a person, who is not careless about the future of his country and decided to save the precious mountain rainforests in the area of his Kedjom-Keku tribe in northwest Cameroon. Join us on a journey through this African country and learn how one individual can change the face of the Earth. Get to know a group of young people from the Czech Republic and Slovakia, who decided to help Ernest in his efforts and contribute to the conservation of local nature.

Thematic Category: Project Wild Thing

Michal Gálik