The aim of this project is to provide as many people as possible with the chance to watch selected documentaries from One World film festival /Festival Jeden svet/ and get information about the interesting festival topics. We have prepared for you a selection of 23 documentaries that you can order from us for free by sending an application form and then watch them with your friends at home, in school, at work or organize a public screening. 


We are currently offering  the following documentaries: 


Films from the 2013 festival edition: 

We are at home here

People in Afghanistan

Give Us the Money

Gay Champions

Iranian Taboo

On the Boulevard of Broken Dreams

North of the Sun


Solar Mamas

Judge me and Prove me

Special Integration

Miss Nikki and the Tiger Girls


Education, Education

Waking the Green Tiger


Films from the 2012 festival edition: 

Belarusian Dream

Dear Mandela

Zero Silence

The New World

Radioactivists - Protest in Japan since Fukushima

Body and Soul

Forbidden Voices


Films from the 2011 festival edition: 

Blood in the mobile 

Justice for Sergei

The grandchildren of the Cuban revolution



We want to continue widening our selection of films from One World /Jeden Svet/ each year and thus enable you to organize screenings anywhere, for anyone and everyone, legally and free of charge.



• How to proceed?


1. Select a film (or several films) from our offer, you’re interested in or you want to watch with your friends or screen in you municipality

2. Order the film(s) via the application form

3. Carefully read the terms and if you agree with them, send us your application form to the following email address:

4. You can pick the films up in the ČVO office (Pražská 11, Bratislava), or have them mailed to the address, stated in your application form, no later than 1 week before the first screening

5. In order to have a problem-free screening, you can get inspired by our screening tips

6. After the screening, fill in our questionnaire and email it (with photos from the screening if possible) to:

 7. No later than 8 days after the last screening, deliver the films to the ČVO office either in person or by mail (to our address: OZ Človek v ohrození, Pražská 11, 81104 Bratislava).




• Terms


Films can be screened anywhere and viewed by an unlimited number of viewers.

However, we kindly ask you to respect the following binding rules:

- Do not ask for an entrance fee

- Do not make the films or their parts available on the Internet

- Do not make copies of the films

- Return the films to us after the screening