16th International documentary film festival One World - films about a fair world

Year of 2015 is the European Year of Development.


Is it fair that we throw out food, but every ninth person on the planet goes to sleep hungry? Is it worth it to buy a cheaper gas in exchange for the extinction of gorillas in Congo? We should ask also these questions if we want to live in a just world. Consumer decisions that we make everyday influence quality of life of people in developing countries. As the festival poster indicates – the amount of water we drink from the imaginary glass on our side of the planet influences the sufficiency of water on the other one. Learn why the world is not fair to everyone from the films of his year´s festival main section titled Fair world.


Violation of civilians’ rights in conflict zones in Syria and Libya, current events in Chechnya, Abkhazia or Transnistria, or controversial issues like using drones or the story of Edward Snowden – those are the topics you have a Right to know about. Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Iran, Hong Kong or Zimbabwe – there are extraordinary people everywhere and their Ways to freedom are each different and very difficult.


Are we able to coexist with minorities and immigrants? Are we afraid of otherness? Do we discriminate? Are we helping to build a fairer world also for those, who are on the run from their home countries? Answers to these questions will be offered in the section Diversity and us.


Without sugar, without civilisation, in the company of animals at a Danish organic farm... We are being shown that to live this way is also possible, all in the section Different Lifestyles.


For the first time ever, the One World festival will hold an International competition, in which strong stories of individuals fighting for a better world will compete. Just to illustrate: an attorney general of Guatemala yearning for a fair judiciary, a former prostitute battling against violence on women in Chicago, Australian activist who is not indifferent to rape victims in Kenyan slums...


Also this year the films about social issues that emerged in Slovakia during the last year will compete for the prize in the section Slovak Documentary Films, and we also do not forget about school children, for whom One World for Kids is prepared.




The One World Film Festival today announced the One World International Prize winner from 16th Festival year. International jury comprised of Russian documentarist living in the Netherlands – Masha Novikova, Jadwiga Hučková from Jagiellonian University in Kraków, and Miro Ulman from Slovak Film Institute, selected movie I Will Not Be Silenced, directed by Australian director Judy Rymer. The jury remarked movie for the fact that it shows woman fighting not only for her honor, but also for the women's rights in Kenya.


The jury gave a special mention to movie Burden of Peace, directed by Dutch director Joey Boink. Movie is about Claudia Paz y Paz, who became the first woman to be appointed attorney general in Guatemala, where at that time 95 percent of murder cases were unsolved. The jury has remarked this movie as it shows “woman who proved that frontal attack against corruption, drug gangs and impunity is possible also in Guatemala.“


The One World festival is the only cultural and educational event in Slovakia that treats human rights and global themes in their complexity. Annually it presents around 60 documentaries of mostly foreign production, more than a dozen discussions about current topics, photo exhibitions and concerts.