Different Lifestyles

Return to nature, organic diet...Sports and active life even in advanced age...Those are the new hot trends praised by more and more people.


Is the sugar industry designed to make us all addicted to sugar? Director Andrea Culková is convinced that sugar is a drug.  For 5 years she has been mapping the expansiveness of the sugar business but also the alternative diets. The result of these efforts is the film Sugar Blues.


Nine kids and a life in the wilderness. Cyber-expert Peter, teacher Simona and their several children have decided to give up the comforts of the modern age and to live one with nature. They are Always Together, but are they all satisfied with this new lifestyle?



Hip-hopping seniors between eighty and ninety years old? Yes, it's possible! Film Hip Hop-eration will introduce us to these incredible people. Despite the fact that almost all the members of this group had a hip replacement surgery, they want to make it from hip operation to hip-hop show in Las Vegas. 


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What We Don't See / Good Things Awaits