Always Together

Stále spolu

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Eva Tomanová, Czech Republic, 2014, 75 min., in Czech language

Petr was an urban man from a block of flats in Pilsen. He studied cybernetics at Charles University in Prague. His wife Simona grew up in a rich neighborhood in Prague and was studying Czech language and history at Charles University when she met Petr. Today, they have been together for 25 years, have nine children, no running water, no standard bathroom or toilet, living all together in a caravan building on the meadow, reducing their notion of an alternative life style ad absurdum. What’s life like with a man who has used his own family for his lifestyle experiments?

Thematic Category: Different Lifestyles

Jiří Konečný
Přímětická 4
140 00 Prague 4
Czech Republic

Asociácia slovenských filmových klubov (ASFK)
Silvia Dubecká
Brnianska 33
811 04 Bratislava