Chechnya, War without Trace

Tchétchénie, une guerre sans traces

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Manon Loizeau, France, 2014, 90 min., in English and Chechnya language (Czech subtitles, English subtitles)

Suffering, pain and fear hide behind the new facades of the rebuilt city of Grozny and in the shade of V. V. Putin Avenue, upon which a demonstration marches in celebration of the birthdays of the Russian and Chechen leaders. Ramzan Kadyrov has ruled Chechnya with an iron fist for more than 10 years. He decides who disappears and who lives. As stated by one of the activists featured in the film: "Chechnya is North Korea in the middle of the Russian Federation." The war, which left thousands dead and missing, is not openly discussed. The film mixes the moving stories of those who search in vain for their loved ones with footage capturing the polished surface of a country that is inwardly restless and unhappy.



Thematic Category: Right to Know

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