Slovak Documentary Film

Slovak documentarists have been proving that they are among Europe’s best in this genre, and the films made last year only confirm their qualities. This year’s best documentary film will be once again chosen by an international committee.  


Jaro Vojtek holds an acclaimed position in the world of films. On the One World Film festival, you’ll have the opportunity to see his long-awaited film So far, So near, which sensitively describes the world of autism.


Chaviva Reick. A hero of the Slovak National Uprising, a member of the British news service, activist, a passionate Zionist…Film Return to a Burning House  shows the attitudes and fate of this remarkable woman.


Zuzana Mináčová, a famous Slovak photographer, has been influencing Slovak and Czech photography for more than half a century. Today, her pictures of movie stars on film festivals are legendary. But she has carried a terrible trauma from her childhood, which still haunts her until today. We’ll see it Through the Eyes of a Photographer.


Anton Srholec is without a doubt an invaluable person, who probably doesn’t need to be introduced to anyone. A former politcal prisoner, a roman-catholic priest, Salesian, writer, charity worker...The film will present us with his adamant fight for a better world. 


Other films:

Traces in the Snow / Back Than in Bratislava