One World for Kids

Also this year One World prepared a special film collection for children. Films in this section show the lives of their less fortunate peers, who live in poverty, run from wars, protect their towns from meaningless destruction…


10-year-old Nora is a Syrian refugee. Her homeland is torn by war, so she and her family had to run away. Today they live in makeshift conditions in a refugee camp and her greatest wish is to come back home. Her story is shown in the film The Lion and the brave Mouse.


When 14-year-old Gabriel found out that the FIFA World Cup will be taking place in Brazil, he was truly excited. As any Brasilian, he loves this sport. But in order to build a railway to transport the fans, the government wants to demolish his house. Gabriel decides to fight it his own way. Watch the film Gabriel  reports on the World Cup.



Even in the rich Netherlands some people live at the poverty treshold, like 12-year-old Nicky in film Sprinkles 4-ever, who is proud in spite of poverty  and still can share the little she has with others. 


Other films:

Merlijn And The Red Apple