Right to Know

Why do so many young people join the ISIS radicals? What really happened before the war in Iraq? Is it moral to defend a war criminal from former Yugoslavia? You have the right to know!


Warriors from the North are at first glance regular people. Nevertheless, sometimes they take a gun in their hands and murder people. Tens of young people have joined the Islamic State in the last couple of years. Why? The film will provide the testimony of a person who has managed to flee from the radicals, while many of his friends are staying, ready to die in the name of Allah.


The deployment of unmanned aircrafts - drones, has grown into massive dimensions. The numbers of civilian deaths are exceeding the deaths of terrorists. Norwegian documentary “Drone” looks behind the scenes of these military operations.


During the genocide in Indonesia in the 60s the regime killed more than a million people. The murderers are to this day taking part in the public administration. Film Look of Silence confronts those, who survived these atrocities, with those, who made them happen.


In 1999, the German secret service caught an Iraqi refugee, who gave the detailed description of his work in the secret Iraqi complex for the production of chemical weapons. Four years later, his testimony became the reason for the attack on Iraq. The war has left behind a demolished country and thousands of dead. It turned out though, that the Iraqi has made the whole thing up. In the documentary War of Lies he tries to defend his lies against the film´s director.



The war in Ukraine is a topic, which isn’t as discussed in Slovakia as before. And yet it is still the cruel reality. Russian soldiers are deployed to a war which has never been officially declared, and their dead bodies are secretly transported back to Russia under the code name Cargo 200.


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