Diversity and Us

Who are the refugees we are so afraid of? You'll find out from the films included in this section, which also offers movies about minorities and diversity that can be enriching.


The Land Between is a place in the mountains of northern Morocco, where African migrants live in hopeless conditions. For most, their dream is to enter Europe and start a better life, and this film offers an insight into their daily lives.


An uniquely intimate portrait of refugee children is captured in the film This is Exile. These children are running away from the war in Syria into the neighboring Lebanon, where director Mani Y. Benchelah, awarded with an Emmy Award, filmed a peerless testimony about the hardships and horrors they have to deal with; all by using children´s own words.


Children 404 are young lesbians and gays living in Russia – a country that two years ago passed a law banning “promotion of homosexuality”. LGBTs have become a “glitch in the system” and the victims of various forms of bullying. In Russia this film is put under the ban and its screenings have been broken off by the police.


We have also included films about Roma people into this section. Secret letters is going back to the 50s, when teacher Miroslav Dedič created a school for Roma children, but whose good intention did not reached planned goals. Film Your time deals with the journey of the Roma people into politics, and Jenica and Perla shows the stories of two talented Roma girls, who have fought their way into Slovakia’s got Talent, but whose chance to succeed in having an ´ordinary´ life is uncertain.


Other films:

Simple Happiness / The World According to Zdenka / Rehearsing Life / Who Is Dayani Cristal?