Fair World

Greenland, Polynesia, Congo, Senegal... Our excessive consumption is causing huge problems in all these countries. Films of this festival´s main section highlight how everything in today’s globalized world is interconnected.


Thule - a town in Greenland, and Tuvalu - an island in Polynesia, more than 11 thousand kilometers away from each other, have more in common than you might think, and the film ThuleTuvalu  will convince you about that. Climate change is causing melting of icebergs in Greenland, which consequently leads to the rising of sea level. Islands in the Pacific are being flooded, and the traditional ways of their people are becoming history.


National park Virunga in Congo is one of the few places on Earth where mountain gorrilas still live. Unfortunately, it is located near anti-government militia bases  and also in an area where a British firm plans to start fracking. Virunga is an extraordinary docuthriller nominated for an Academy Award, about the determination of humanity to fight against evil.


Globalization. A phenomenon which often causes tragedies, for instance in Senegal, where the globalization of the fishing industry caused fish Thiof to become extinct. Originally, Thiof was the foundation of the diet of locals, but  ships from all over the world are destroying the seabed.  This disaster  can’t be called anything but A Hell of Fishing.


Other films:

A Goat for a Vote / LoveMEATender / Fatal Assistance / Karibu / Full Option / A Hell of Fishing / I Eat Therefore I Am / Concerning Violence