Ways to Freedom

Zimbabwe, Iran, Hong Kong, but also Ukraine, Belarus, Russia...in these countries freedom and democracy are goals, which are very difficult, if not completely impossible to attain. But the truly admirable people living there will not give up. Films in this section tell their stories.


In Hong Kong, even teenagers are fighting for democracy and  we can get to know them through the film Lessons in dissent.  A better grade for shedding a tear during the raising of the Chinese flag? Efforts of the government to induce Chinese nationalism within the education system galvanized two high school students, whose protests have grown into a massive prodemocratic movement.


The regime in “the last European dictatorship” in Belarus has no sense for art or of humor. That is also why there is a rich underground scene, producing provocative shows. (Film Made in BY)


Restrictions, orders, regulations...Since 1979, when the Islamic revolution took place in Iran, they are a part of everyday life. Often they are totally absurd, for instance the ban on women singing solo in public. In the documentary  No Land´s Song  we’ll get to know the composer Sara Nadjafi and her fight for change.


Cartoonists: Foot Soldiers of Democracy.  A couple of strokes of their brush can ignite anger and laughter. Famous French cartoonist Plantu and his colleagues  from around the world have set on a journey to map the conditions for creating in different countries. The terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo has confirmed that being a carrtoonist is indeed a dangerous job. 



Other films:

Václav Havel – A Life in Freedom / Democrats / Ukraine Voices