International Competition

This year´s One World Festival will introduce a novelty - for the first time it will hold an international competition of outstanding documentaries about remarkable people fighting for a more just world.


Brenda is a strong and courageous woman, a former prostitute who knows what women on the streets must go through. That’s why she has decided to help them. Film Dreamcatcher will lead us directly into the night streets of Chicago and will offer stories of women that assemble the mosaic of the spiral of sexual abuse.


Guatemala - the country where most of the murderers get away with their crimes. 95% of killings remain unresolved! Five years ago, a former human rights activist and defense attorney Claudia Paz y Paz became the first female public prosecutor. Burden of Peace looks behind the scenes of her office and shows her attempts to bring to court murderers, drug cartel bosses and the representatives of the military junta, which is responsible for the genocide of aboriginal Mayan people in the 80s.


The Australian Charlotte, who helps people in the slums of Nairobi, survives a break-in into her house and a mass rape. She’s not the only one with this kind of experience. Rape is a common thing in Kenya, but the topic is still tabooed and obtaining justice is almost impossible. Charlotte wants to change it, she says: “I Will Not Be Silenced”.


Visa To ParadiseThe Man Who Mends the Women