17th International documentary film festival One World

Lets Do Away with Fences  

Walls and fences are experiencing their renaissance. Not only those physical ones, but also walls and fences inside us, in our minds. We are building some of them ourselves, others are built with the help of media or politicians. Due to that we tend to see simple solutions of complex questions rather than look for real constructive solutions.

If we would like to resist this tempting appeal of simplifications and stereotypes, of walls and fences, we should not stop asking questions, we should not stop casting doubts on our own stereotypes and prejudices. We should think critically. Documentary film festival One World 2016 can help us with that, and enable us to shake fences off our minds and our reality. You are all welcome.

Ultranationalist mayor ruling one Hungarian village in his own way, neonazis linked to police in Putin's Russia, youngsters armed with replica weapons in Slovak woods. What is being spread throughout our societies? Are we able to defend against extremism hidden behind the mask of patriotism? The film category Extremism Within Us will try to answer also these questions.

Fences and walls, both imaginary and real, are not being raised just in our country, but all around the world. The world is in motion and building barriers is just one of the ways how we react to this course of events. While we are searching for solutions, many of us are led by fear and uncertainty, instead of ability to look and think over the fences and walls. Category Over our Fence will allow visitors to see that integration is a complex multidimensional process, difficult for all its sides, that walls are not being built just in the European Union, but also at the Mexico/USA border or in the Republic of South Africa.

Change from car to bike. Luxurious dinner made of food which was thrown to the garbage. Fashion that takes into consideration impact of our everyday consumer decisions on lives of people in other countries. The world does not end behind our fence. Various aspects of our consumer behaviour will be pointed out in  category Consumerism in our Life.

Do we really know who is Mikhail Khodorkovsky? Do we have an idea of the dark side of internet ruled by rules differing from those valid at its surface? Are we aware of the fact that poverty in Pakistan, but definitely not only there, drives its victims into hands of Islamism ? Do we know what is hidden behind the phenomenon of drones and robotic military technology? Category Right to Know will try to provide answers to these questions.

There are always movies which is impossible to categorise. Films which are not always serious to the bones, movies making fun of themselves, movies which make you think, cry and laugh at the same time. You will be able to find this kind of movies in section Extra. Such documentaries include those about the Romanian revolution sparkled by Chuck Norris, simulation of the first human encounter with aliens or ‘The Yes Men’ fighting against power in their always original way.

One World festival will also hold the International Competition, covering movies in the section of the same title. The jury will judge documentaries presenting destinies of exceptional individuals fighting for fairer and more just world. For example a young Afghan rapper Sonita who is expected to earn her family $9,000 by marrying an older man in Tehran or a priest and his wife in Ukrainian Mariupol, who substitute the nonfunctional social security system.

New Slovak documentaries on issues which move by our society will compete in category Slovak Documentary Film. And as usual we have not forgotten about school children, for whom section One World for Kids is dedicated.

One World festival is the only cultural and educational event in Slovakia that deals with human rights and global issues in whole their complexity. Each year it presents around 60 documentaries of mostly foreign origin, discussions on current issues, photo exhibitions and concerts.