Tuesday, October 18, 2016 - 19:00
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Miro Remo / Slovakia / 2016 / 68 min. / Slovak / English subtitles

All in one:  amusing, ironic and serious film about significance and condition of Slovak culture. The culture has become another part of business. As its quality is subordinate to commercial interests much more than ever before 1989, culture has been tranformed into various easier genres of questionable quality. Eventhough the culture and the society in general has gone through a significant level of release, our culture still seems to search for its identity. It is difficult to orientate in this „cultural adolescence“.  New media and internet have become the most popular ways of its dissemination.  A great outflow of spectators has been tracked in traditional cultural events. New cultural fenomena have appeared related to change of lifestyle. What is then the real image of the Slovak culture today?


The documentary Coolture will be screened at One World festival in the cinema hall of the FIlm and Television Faculty as a part of the project "Documentary on Wheels". Entry is free. 

Thematic Category: Slovak Documentary Film

Miro Remo