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Ťažká voľba

Monday, October 17, 2016 - 17:30
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Zuzana Piussi / Slovakia, Czech republic / 2016 / 70 min. / Slovak

Ťažká voľba  is a film about the poetics of politics, about a life in a system ruled by the best possible way of all the decadent ways. It reflects the pre-electorial work of politicians as well as the conditions created for their work by modern media. The documentary is a cinematographic reflection of democratic political system on the backgruond of 2 Slovak elections. In the words of the director:  „The plot of the documentary was based on the world statistics which says that the positions of representative democracy is deteriorated. The  cause of this fact lies in the decrease of trust in the elected representatives. A graph made by the World Economic Forum shows a decline of 20% in voter turnout in last 5 decades. The film deals with this fenomenon, first on the background of presidential elections and then of still ongoing parlamentary elections.“ 

Thematic Category: Slovak Documentary Film

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