Okhwan´s Mission Impossible

Okhwan na ceste za slobodou

Friday, October 14, 2016 - 20:30
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Marek Mackovič / Slovakia, Czech republic / 2016 / 71 min. / English / Slovak subtitles

A young Korean Okhwan Yoon used to be a regular law graduate and a successful  businessman. In 2001 he gave up on his search for family happiness, changed his suit and tie for a bicycle and went on a journey around the world.  He traveled through 192 countries with an only goal: to unite his nation, South and North Korea. He survived several accidents and kidnapping in Sudan, bicycled with malaria. After 10 years he decided to make the highest sacrifice while hoping for change. Is he a fool or a hero? The project of young director Marek Mackovič became famous before the film was finished, when the shots made with Okhwan in July 2010 in Nepal were used by directors  Kevin Macdonald (awarded with an Oscar) and Loressa Clisby in their project Life in a Day, streamed during the prestigious Sundance festival. 

Thematic Category: Slovak Documentary Film

Tomáš Kaminský
Mandala Pictures