19th International Documentary Film Festival ONE WORLD

19th International Documentary Film Festival ONE WORLD


Slovakia has been going through a rough period. The first big shockwave that sent Slovak citizens to the streets was the murder of a Slovak investigative journalist and his fiancé. We had to come to terms with living in a country where people get killed for their courage. The courage to investigate and publish the truth despite the risk associated with exposing those in power. We had gone through months of civic protests and uncovering scandals of not only local but international impact. We have had a chance to better understand the level of corruption in the Slovak government and the failing justice system.


Whatʼs next? What kind of country do we want to live in and what can we do to make it better?


First, we have to realize that we all have power. We are all creators of our country and we canʼt afford to be silent if we want to make it better. After all, itʼs us who refuse to accept injustice, crime, corruption, arrogance and inactiveness as the norm. We have to make our voices heard.


The 19th One World Film Festival is dedicated to the freedom of speech. We want to honour the memory of the journalist Ján Kuciak and his fiancé Martina Kušnírová. With special care we selected movies and curated discussions on the topic of investigative journalism and documentary filmmaking.


Slovaks and Czechs for Human Rights is a competitive section and it offers a variety of documentary films that reflect our current reality. The movies in this section explore fear, empathy, racism and tolerance in our society. They deal with our historical trauma, breakdown of the system but also the importance of free artistic expression and art in our everyday lives. 


The Point of View section is full of intense stories of filmmakers, activists, reporters and journalists that often risk their lives when working on uncovering a story. They fight disinformation, manipulation, covered-up crimes and criminals and failure of those in power. They expose the world around us. You can see what they have uncovered on the big screen at the festival.


Heroes and Heroines – these are regular people who achieved seemingly impossible things with their moral integrity, endurance and courage. With their activism they bring about hope and help those in need. They are ready to disobey a dictatorship or fight a global corporation.


The Blind Spot section calls attention to the social phenomena that are all around us but we are unable to spot them, like modern slavery, sexual abuse, pedophilia, the alarming state of the environment, quality of mental health of individuals and society as a whole.


Right to Know is a section full of old and new award-winning movies that are still timely because of their powerful message, original production and strong societal impact.


One World for Kids offers selection of movies for young audience. They try to steer children and teenagers towards tolerance, understanding diversity in all its colours and shades, nurture curiosity and learn about different worlds. Our goal is for kids to know that they too are important part of our society.


One World Film Festival also offers a selection of side events such as discussions, masterclasses, lectures, book readings and room for informal meetings. It is our intention to host discussions that will motivate our audience to take action in their communities and give them specific ideas of how to achieve their goals based on their individual capacities.


I honestly hope that we get to experience six inspiring days. It is my personal belief that it is possible to face even the biggest challenges with enthusiasm and a will to make things better. We are all citizens of One World and it is up to us what that world will look like.


Diana Fabiánová,

Festival Directress