Data: Democracy



We live our lives online these days. Social media know us better than we know ourselves. Browsers offer custom products and services to us before we even realize we want them. Banks and mobile network operators are more familiar with our habits than our partners are. Is this comfort worth it? Don´t we leak too much about us? Are the data we spread safe against criminals, governments and crimes committed by government? Movies in Data democracy section can give you some of the answers. 


Everything´s Under Control opens topics most of us do not think about. Where do all those informations we voluntarily submit to Google or Facebook end? Are those recordings from security cameras stored and analysed?


Big data - giga and terabytes of online informations about our consumer behaviour are living dream for every marketing manager. Big data help to customize shopping offers for us, they make our lives easier. On the other hand we loose the privacy because of that. Documentary The Human Face of Big Data shows us both faces of marketing revolution.


Our digital interactions are record every day. Every hour. Informations about our daily lives, even those seem banal, are enormously valuable. Australian document In Google We Trust is about normal day in common australian family and information flow of it´s member and show how governments and big companies have our lives under control.


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