Different Lives



Our lifestyles are changing, but the point stays the same - we face many challenges and problems, the old and the new ones. People need to deal with aging of population, dilemma around vaccination and problems associated with birth giving. Section called Different Lives is full of movies about difficult, but really human topics which  are close to all of us. 


What´s the role of ethics in developement of human reproduction? Technologies are developing, the first children „conceived“ in laboratory are living among us. What is ethical or legal impact to the human society? You can learn more watching polemical documentary Future Baby.


Swede Dagna Carlsson is living proof, that saying „age is only a number“ ain´t a cliché. Dagna was born in 1912, but she´s blogging, chatting with friends, browsing dating websites and she can enjoy a glass of bubbles at the party. Documentary Life Begins at 100 shows us, that we should stop being afraid of age and fully enjoy our lives instead.


Uncommon movie about uncommon people. Documentary Normal Autistic Film is poetic story about people labeled as „autistic“. What do these people, Little Prince and alliens have in common? And the most importantly, what does it mean to be „normal“? 


Other films in the category: Epidemic of Freedom, Ovarian Psychos, Who´s Gonna Love Me Now, Before I Met You