TUESDAY 9th October


7:00 PM Recollection - Freedom - Remebering: discussion with Monika Vrzgulová and Róbert Kirchhoff. Moderator: Soňa Gyarfášová / Slovak Language

This discussion hosted by the Artforum bookstore and publisher is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Czechoslovakia and serves as an invitation to the One World Festival. During the night, the amplified edition of Peter Kristufek's book The Atlas Of Forgetting will be introduced to the public. The new edition is a series of real or fictional memories and/or memorabilia mapping the period from 1914 - 2018.


THURSDAY 11th October


6:00 PM One World and Absynt: Conversation with Eva Umlauf about her new book The Number On Your Forearm Is Blue Like Your Eyes from the Absynt publishing house. Moderator: Michal Hvorecký / Slovak Language

Eva Umlauf was born in a labor camp in Nováky and when she was two years old she and her family were deported to Osvienčim. A few months later on 27th January 1945 the camp was liberated by the Red army. She and her unborn sister were some of the youngest survivors of the camp. Despite her young age she received the Auschwitz tattoo number A-26959 that has been a reminder of the cruelties she had lived through. Ms Umlauf is a paediatrician and resides in Munich. In 2016 she published a memoir titled The Number on Your Forearm Is Blue Like Your Eyes. The Slovak translation was published just a few days ago. She writes about her experience in the labor camp, concentration camp and later living under the communist regime. The book uncovers dark periods of our history, but also shows the strength and willingness of a woman that was dealt with a difficult life.


FRIDAY 12th October


6:00 PM   Discussion .the globe & One World: For Oleg Sentsov. Guests: Jana Bučka, Jefim Fištejn, Alexander Duleba. Moderator: Matúš Dávid / Slovak Language

They took his country, forced a citizenship on him and unjustly jailed him in Siberia. Without the Russian occupation of Ukraine and annexation of Crimea, the Ukrainian director Oleg Sentsov would not go on a hunger strike in the middle of May. If he dies, we won't be without blame. How can we help him? We can't be silent, and being concerned is not enough. We need to save him. The Slovakia and Czechia for Oleg Sentsov platform initiated the campaign #FreeOlegSentsov. Do we have the courage to speak up about Russian aggression? And what is the message of Oleg Sentsov for the world today?



7:00 PM  One World and Absynt: Conversation with Andrej Bán about his latest book The Elephant in the Zemplin Region from the Absynt publishing house. Moderator: Samo Marec / Slovak Language

Andrej Bán is a photographer and a reporter for Dennik N. Since 1987 he has worked for Slovak and international media, he specializes on crisis reporting from countries like Kosovo, Israel, Georgia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Ukraine and Haiti. In 1999 during an active war in Kosovo, he established and was a leader of an aid organization People In Need. For thirty years he's been traveling across Slovakia , meeting people and learning their stories. Get on a journey with him from the East to the West, From Cierna nad Tisou to Bratislava. You can read stories from the era of Janosik to Tiso to 'Ndrangheta and "our people" in his latest book from the Absynt publishing house called The Elephant In The Zemplin Region.



8:00 PM   Discussion. Secret Lifes: discussion about harassment, pedophilia and things we don't talk about. Guests: Miroslav Kocúr, Oľga Pietruchová, Silvia Porubanová  / Slovak Language


Discussion follows a screening of a Slovak film Unseen Children by Marek Frank starting at 7:30 PM


It only takes a couple of minutes to change a life forever. It takes many years of therapy to get over it. What is the reality of child and adult sexual abuse in Slovakia? What steps do we need to take for the justice system to start protecting the victims? And how can we as individuals help those in need?


SATURDAY 13th October


10:00 AM – 11:00 AM  One World and Artforum: Shine A Light On Freedom. Interactive  Workshop for kids 5 - 10 years old / Slovak Language



2:30 PM   Discussion. This Country Is Not For My Children. Guests: Anna Siminghton Maar, Gwendolyn Albert, film protagonist  / English Language


The discussion follows a screening of a film Europe: Which Children Matter? starting at 1:15 PM.


The location of our birth influences our life more than we would like to admit. What do we loose by not helping Roma families and families from lower social class? Why should it be a priority for the government?




5:14 PM    Roma discussion. Guests: Irena Bihariová, Irma Horváthová, Andrej Belák. Moderator: Martin Vavrinčík  / Slovak Language


The discussion follows a screening of a Slovak movie Swedes From A Roma Settlement  by Katarina Farkasova starting at 4:00 PM.


What is a Romipen and can it still survive? What it's like to be a Roma living with the majority group? Is a complete integration our goal? Is it ideal for all settlements to vanish and for all Roma people to live like the majority? What do they want? Is it naive to think that they live much happier lives or can we really learn from them? A different approach to the Roma issue.



7:30 PM   STAND UP SHOW Kate Smurthwaite ForniKATEress: Polyamory In Practice / English Language


All the good and the ugly of polyamory relationships. Everything you wanted to know about polyamory but were afraid to ask or had no idea that something like that existed. Kate will tell you all about living with 10 men and still being sane.


Kate Smurthwaite is a British left wing, feminist, atheist, polyamorous comedian and activist. She's performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival since 2005, performs stand-up comedy all over UK and around the world. In 2013 she received the Three Weeks Editor's Choice Award, naming her one of the ten best things about the Edinburgh Fringe. She writes comedy and scripts for various British TV shows and is a frequent news and political debate guest well know for her direct opinions. Her written texts were published by Cosmopolitan, Guardian and Independent. She is a spokesperson and a vice chair of Abortion Rights UK. She is often met with criticism and intolerance because of her opinions. She has had a show cancelled due to security reason at the prestigious Goldsmiths, University of London, over her views on decriminalizing prostitution. 


SUNDAY 14th October


2:20 PM   Discussion. In A Living room With A Refugee. Guests: Anna Alboth, Zuzana Števulová  / English Language


The discussion follows the screening of the movie The European Dream: Serbia starting at 2:00 PM.


There are people from many different cultural backgrounds coming to Europe now and we are not familiar with many of them. Fear of the unknown is spreading through the society. We can choose to ignore the current mass migration but are unable to stop it. We will have to face it sooner or later. How can we deal with this new reality? Why is it important to integrate the various cultures into our own and how to do it as seamlessly as possible? Is it possible? You will learn what you can do to make Europe a better place to live.


Anna Alboth is a Polish activist and lives in Germany. She is best known for the March for Aleppo. She regularly helps refugees at the Berlin refugee camp. It was at this camp where she watched the footage of the Syrian city Aleppo underbombardment. She was most touched by the images of the bombarded hospital. She decided she has to do something to help spread awareness about the problems in Syria and help the Syrian people. The march was planned to start in Germany and continue through the Czech republic to Balkan, Turkey and finish in Syria. The route copied the journey of every refugee wanting to get from Syria to Europe. About three-thousand people from 60 countries attended the march. The route had to be altered and the march was prematurely canceled. Anna wasn't disappointed by the outcome and says her goal was met because she along with the rest of the marchers were able to reach the Syrian border with Jordan. Anna Alboth was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for organizing this march.




3:20 PM   Discussion. Against Mainstream: How To Withstand Global Consumerism. Guests: Ivana Maleš, Alžbeta Irhová-Bagbet, Annamarie Velič. Moderator: Lukáš Osvald  / Slovak Language


The discussion follows the screening of the movie Blue starting at 2:00 PM.


There is less and less fish in the ocean and the ecosystem is failing. What can we do to protect our planet and to leave it for further generations as a place suitable for living not just surviving? You will learn about practical tips to conserve the planet Earth for our children.


MONDAY 15th October 


11:00 AM   EL DIA DE LOS CONECTADOS – screening and masterclass with Carles Bosch  / English Language


How to make a movie that will be screened at the prestigious Sundance festival in a day? Carles Bosch, the Oscar nominated director, will share his experience in transforming local stories into universal message. He will show movie clips and talk about making the festival circuit.


Carles Bosch (1952) is a Spanish journalist and filmmaker. Bosch co-founded programs such as 30 minutes and Without Fiction for the Catalan TV3.  As a television reporter, he has covered international events producing reports and documentaries from over more than 30 countries. His 30 minutes episode about the Velvet revolution received the International Waves Award. His documentary movie Balseros that will be screened at the One World Festival was nominated for the Goya Award as well as the Oscar Awards as the first Catalan production. His lates documentary film Petitet premiered this June. 



4:30 PM   Discussion with Timothy Snyder: The Price For Freedom. Moderator: Marrtin M.  Šimečka  / English Language



The far right is rising from the ashes spreading hatred across the globe, promising closed borders, limited cooperation and freedom of movement from Slovakia to the USA and still winning political votes. Trump, Le Pen, Salvini, Okamura, Orban and Kotleba they are all changing politics and create conflict in society. Where is the support coming from and why is this type of politics becoming so popular? What is the role of fake news media, the hybrid warfare and Russia in all of this? Are there parallels in history and the current events? Timothy Snyder, one of the leading American historians, will be answering these questions and more.  


Timothy Snyder (1969) is an American author and historian specializing in the history of Central and Eastern Europe and Holocaust. He is a Professor of History at Yale University. Throughout his career he has published a number of books though he is best known for Bloodlands, Tyranny and Black Earth for which he has received numerous awards including Ralph Waldo Emerson Award in the Humanities and Hannah Arendt Award for Political Thought. He often comments on current political affairs and points out possible problems of the future like in his latest book Tyranny: Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century. He is now completing a short book about the history of Ukraine and its current crisis. At the One World Festival Timothy Snyder will be discussing current political situation in Eastern Europe specifically the actions of the V4 region countries and how they endanger democracy.




5:40 PM Discussion. Stateless People. Guest: Yolande Ditewig  / English Language


The discussion follows the screening of the movie Stateless starting at 4:00 PM.


What it's like to suddenly find yourself homeless, without documents, identity, citizenship, information and any kind of sense when the situation will change? There are thousands of people who found themselves stateless in no-mans-land or refugee camps without any hope for change or rescue.



7:10 PM   Discussion. Taste For Life – Behind The Black Curtain. Guests: Valentína Sedíleková, Martina Paulínyová. Moderator Samo Marec  / Slovak Language


The discussion follows a screening of a Slovak film Taste For Life by Marek Kabos starting at 6:30 PM.


Valentína Sedileková has been suffering from anorexia for 10 years. Knowing full well how this illness changes the behavior of a person and threatens her life she decided to start an educational project called Taste For Life. Its main goal is to educate, help those suffering from eating disorders and their families, create networks of doctors and promote prevention among young people and athletes in form of workshops, lectures, public discussions and cooperation with experts. Eating disorders concern more and more people. Why are the numbers still growing? How do we recognize the warning signs in our own children? What are the causes and how can we help someone suffering from an eating disorder? How can we prevent it from happening?



12:30 PM   Book signing with Timothy Snyder  / English Language



7:00 PM  Discussion. Denník N & One World: The Murder That Moved Slovakia. Guests: Milan Lučanský, Peter Bárdy. Moderator: Monika Tódová  / Slovak Language


In February, the journalist Jan Kuciak and his fiancé Martina Kusnirova were killed in their home. A number of leading politicians were forced to leave their positions in the government and the first seemingly untouchable businessman was jailed after the massive protests. Credibility of the police force was at its lowest and the Police Chief Tibor Gaspar was forced to resign his position. Will we ever be able to trust the police again? How did the murder change Slovakia, the journalists and the members of the police force?


TUESDAY 16th October 


09:00 AM – 7:00 PM  One World in cooperation with the Open Society Foundation: Masterclass STORYTIME 2018: Carles Bosch and Agnieszka Holland, more info: storytime.osf.sk  / English Language


You will get experience people who have been inspired by real characters, heroes and anti-heroes their whole lives. Among the list of speakers you will see masters of poignancy, authors, scriptwriters, directors, journalists and publicists. They tell stories of courageous individuals, help uncover facts, expose lies and with every one of their texts, photographs or videos they fill our collective memory. Mostly, they are people that want the story of their country to have a happy ending. Speakers: film director Agnieszka Holland, documentary filmmaker and reporter Carles Boch, scriptwriter Petr Jarchovsky, author Manon Uphoff, sociologist Michal Vašečka, journalist Victor Ilie and more.


FACULTY OF PHILOSOPHY COMENIUS UNIVERSITY, entrance from Múzejná street, schoolroom N418 

10:00 AM   Discussion about Open Data with Ján Gondol  / Slovak Language


The discussion follows the screening of the movie Paywall: The Business Of Scholarship starting at 9:00 AM.


What is it like to be a scientist at a university with limited resources? You can have incredible skill and talent, but if you are missing the most basic of ingredients that you need to do science, that is information, your hands are tied. What can we do if we are missing scientific information? How can we change the current norm of locking massive part of research behind paywall?




6:40 PM  Discussion.  Demise Of The Foreign Correspondent. Guests: Carl Soderbergh,  Belinda Goldsmith. Moderator: Oľga Baková  / English Language


The discussion follows the screening of the movie Sea Of Pictures starting at 6:00 PM.


Are we at the end of an era of foreign correspondence as we know it? What challenges and crises do investigative journalists currently face? The discussion will also cover the changes in field reporting, the consequences of limiting reporters to work at the center of things and how it affects the quality of news.


9:30 PM End-of-festival party with a surprise


One World festival together with the Open Society Foundation invites you for a welcome drink and a double concert. Later we will be dancing till the morning light.  The party will host both the guests of the One World festival and the Storytime event.