Extremism within Us


Different forms of extremism are appearing all around the world. Nacionalists True Finns in the Land of thousand lakes, Greek neo-Naci party Golden dawn, ultraviolent jihad of ISIS, growing antisemitism and ultranationalism in Hungary. Those are just some of topics included in section  Extremism within Us. Movies in  the section show the dangerous comeback of politics built on mistrust and hate towards everything unknown. 


The war agains terrorism and ISIS takes place on the ground and on the wire. Other movie in the Extremism within Us section shows us, that the Internet is really working tool to spread Cyberjihad. This documentary introduces audience into ISIS online strategies and asks this  scary question: Is it possible to win this cyberwar at all? 


To make a documentary about greek neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn: A Personal Affair was for its director really challenging. She shooted their methods starting with populistic giving out the food to the unemployed, continuig with brutal bullying of foreigners. The approach of the police and church altogether with opinions of the „decent sympathizers“ of the party intensify the message even more. It shows us obvious analogy to Nazi party rise in the interwar Germany, but also a decision of „decent Slovaks“ to vote for fascist party of Marián Kotleba. 


Keep Quiet is the story of bizare transformation of anti-Semite and member of hungarian ultranationalist party to a religious person. Csanád Szegedi hated Jews all his life till his grandmother didn´t tell him he´s a Jew himself. Member of EP and leading figure of nationalist party Jobbik has been so surprised he went to Izrael to find his roots. The movie is watching transition of a man, who has lost a trust of almost everyone. 


Other films in the category: Boiling Point, The Father, the Son and the Holy Jihad, FC Roma