10 Years of Love

10 rokov lásky

Thursday, October 12, 2017 - 18:30
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d. Adam Hanuljak / Slovakia / 2017 / 95 min. / Slovak, Czech, English, Polish / Slovak subtitles

This documentary film follows 5 young European families and their lifestyle changes through 10 years. Movie starts when children are born and parents need to handle new social and economic situation. These problems are slowly fading and new ones come. Couples are trying to figure how to raise their kids and keep their marriages working, they struggle with relationship´s crises, break-ups and deaths. The most important aspect is how protagonists reflect their personal changes and developement and their unique experiences. The movie shows us, that being a parent is a fundamental role in human life no matter how much struggle and how complex problems it brings within.

Thematic Category: Slovak Documentary

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