One World for Kids


Traditionally we do not forget the younger ones. In this category we introduce the films for the students, screenings for schools are as usually free of charge. 


Checking how many likes we´ve got under our new post is the very first thing to do in the morning. At least a lot of us do so. Annegiene - The Girl of 672K is not an exception. The difference between basic Instagram user and Annegiene is the number of her followers, reaching 800 000. The most of people also don´t get job offers from big companies thanks to their social network account. Oh, there´s one more thing: she´s only 15 yo. It seems great, but her online success has a tiny problem - once she get offline there´s almost no real friend left.


12 yo Betka, the protagonist of Betty And the Clever One´s is completely different story. Betka is unstoppable if there´s someone in need in her neighbourhood, no matter if it´s her mentally ill classmate or lonely seniors in the retirement home. She organizes weekly meeting of "Smart ones club" to entertain them and bring them back to life.


Not all children are as lucky as ours. 10 yo Kimaru lives in the slum in Nairobi, Kenya but despite of it he dreams about becoming an aviation engineer. The question is how to earn the money to pay for education. The answer could be hen egg business. Is he able to learn, how to take care of chickens and start his new business? Watch the Chicken for Kimaru and find out.


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