Right to Know


Techno party in Islamic republic of Iran? Life in Iraq after the war? Hope and despair of syrian revolution seen from perspective of those, who believed in change but they´ve got only terror under control of ISIS? Democratarianism in 21st century Russia as an artist sees it? These are just a few topics from section full of important documentaries called Right to Know.


Wild techno parties are probably the last think we imagine when thinking of Iran. Documentary Raving Iran proves us wrong. The movie full of electronic music and Iranians who risk it all because they love the music shows us completely unknown dimension of people living in the Middle east.


Syrian revolution was meant to be a moment of hope. People believed their lives will change and they will live in better democratic country and their rights will be respected. Ubayda, local journalist thought so as well, but then the violent reaction of regime and rise of ISIS have come. Her personal testimony in the documentary War Show will be shown at One world festival.


Are you interested, what  can be hidden in the closet of beautiful resorts we spend our vacations in? The Opposition shows the investigative story about unfair fight of Papuans versus Australian developer and local officials. 


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