Slovak Documentary


Slovak documentaries reflecting topics, which resonates in our society will be shown in Slovak Documentary section. Profesional jury will pick the winner of the competion for the best local documentary by the end of the festival.


Gypsies are conversational taboo in here. World War II tragedy, when dozens, hundrets and thousands of them were brutally killed and anonymously buried ain´t the exception in this silence. The nation survived, but all of the survivors have their memory as a proof of a former beastliness. Hole In the Head directed by Róbert Kirchhoff shows the audience their unknown stories, because we must not forget. 


Journalist, writer and famous czechoslovakian emigrant Irena Brežná has been portraited in the movie full of unique archive photos called Professional Stranger, directed by Anna Grusková. Protagonist herself show to the audience her personal world, country so-called migration with her „patchwork identity“, country where people are interesting, different and speak many languages.


Documentary Hotel Sunrise shows the difficult life of 4 protagonist living in Čierna nad Tisou. The city standing on the state  border used to be called „Golden gate of socialism“. Today it´s just wild gate to exotic darkness of Eastern Europe. 


Timelapse documentary 10 Years of Love follows by sensitive camera monitor the metamorphoses of love and family life of bunch of european families. Loving beginnings are turning into bustling times of nurturing children and they escalete into variable emotional and partnership changes, which are a little bit symptomatic for our world.


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