So Called Civilization


Would you have a bug-burger with cricket fries for a lunch? Do you have any idea how does the factory, where your laptop or smartphone were made looks like? Or, would you come up with the idea of using a PC game for urban planning? There are all of those topics a lot more in the section called So Called Civilization.


The number of people living on Earth is on the rise and everyone needs something to eat. The question is how to feed us all. Authors of a documentary Bugs are considering the idea of a „bug menu“. They´re traveling around the world and tasting. African termites, japanese wasps, italian worms – raw or grilled. Would you try it?


Electronics is essential part of our lives. The authors of documentary Death by Design are aware of that. They realize, that producers are behaving destructive to the environment and violating human rights. But authors don´t show only negatives of the proces. They are also looking for ecological and humanistic methods of production.


Swedish documentary Gaming the Real World shows to the audience inovative usage of videogames. The protagonist comes with original idea by watching his son´s gaming session. He desides to use the game to help his fellow citizens become a bigger part of the urban planning of their neighbourhood. The story shows one of many ways to make urban planning more democratic. Let´s be honest, we could use more of this attitude in here to. 


The most of the world has been „civilized“ already. Andaman Islands are one of not so many places untouched by civilization yet. A few hundreds natives from the Jarawa tribe are trying to keep their lifestyle and don´t give way to the influence of western cultures. Movie called We Are Humanity documents the difficulties they´re struggling with.


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