Speech Is Silver. Is Silence Golden?


Corruption ain´t anything unknown for Slovaks. We know and speak a lot about it, many of as are part of it ourselves. We bribe in doctors office, in court or at school. How many of us are brave enough to report it? And what´s the public reaction to those, who decide to take action? If we were cynics, we could say that speech is silver, silence is golden in this case. Watch the movies from this section and you can find out more about destiny of those, who were not tolerant to corruption based mistrust anymore and to stand up to it.


Whistleblowers are people who speak about corruption out loud. They do it for the public good, but by doing it they often jeopardize themselves and their beloved ones. American documentary War on Whistleblowers shows 4 individual stories of people, who called attention to the US government missteps and they didn´t fall out well. The movie shows us, that bribery and the will to maintain it is the very part of political system and it´s administration.


Documentary thriller Falciani´s Tax Bomb follows events around one of the biggest bank scandals of all times. It´s director, Ben Lewis, documents story of mysterious bank officer Hervé Falciani. This whistleblower has stolen and published private data of HSBC bank clients, what opened up the debate about legitimacy of tax heavens. He´s considered Edward Snowden of bank sector these days and he´s a fugitive as well. 


The Secrets of Doping: How Russia Makes Its Winners is interesting corruption excurcus into professional sports. The movie shows the unprecedented open testimonies of athletes, couches and other whistleblowers who were eyewitnesses of the dark side of professional sport. 


Anticorruption Education is pilot of the series called „White crows and heroes among us“. The movie is insider view into „comunity“ of slovak whistleblowers. It shows their life and behavior, their reactions to singularness happening in the institutions where law, democracy and christian values are written in their name. The documentary shows how complicated is fight for wide social acknowledgement of warning signs made by an individual „hero“.


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