About Us

We are the flagship of a non-profit organisation People in Need. We both care about people, the country we live in and the world around us.

We realize that life can be very difficult. Not only to individuals, but also to groups or entire nations. That is why we decided to set up an international documentary film festival in 1999, so that we could bring and open often difficult but even more important topics related to the man and its existence though audiovisual production and many of the associated events and debates. We also try to appeal to the problems that are usually hidden behind the lids of the broad interest of our society.

Copyright freedom is what connects our films and makes every work exceptional at the same time. The films we represent at the festival are a reflection of the era, a mosaic of human characters and a tool of critical thinking.

We do not lecture but with our visitors, we discuss and learn more understanding, acceptance, disregard and help together. We are a group of enthusiasts who realize that the change of society is a responsibility of each one of us and that if we want a better future, a better world, we have to start creating it today.

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One World Film Festival is organised by
People in Need SK