18th International documentary film festival One World

12. - 17. 10. 2017 in Bratislava, 12. - 15. 10. in Kosice
In a Search of Trust
Mistrust rules over our lives. At least according to researchers. We don´t trust ourselves nor others. We doubt about everyone and everything – and we´re good at it. We don´t trust our neighbours, politicians, foreigners or media. We doubt more and more, because we can, just in case there will be a reason once.
And what we are doing to help it? We are searching for confidence at pointless places. We are looking to extremists and their simple „solutions“ to complicated problems, browsing „alternative“ media web pages without any respect to journalistic standards or social responsibility. We are loosing hope that we can change the world.
On the other hand, if we could trust each other and ourselves, we could live in friendly atmosphere, democracy and economy could work more efficiently. Our society could work better.
Come to look for the lost trust into the world at One world!


One World festival is the only cultural and educational event in Slovakia that deals with human rights and global issues in whole their complexity. Each year it presents around 60 documentaries of mostly foreign origin, discussions on current issues, photo exhibitions and concerts.